Developing Interfaith & Intercultural Activities

The tips and tools you need to work productively with those from different beliefs and backgrounds

“I enjoyed having the chance to learn how to articulate what interfaith activity actually means and how to make it happen”
Interfaith Youth Leader, Sweden

Running activities that bring people from different communities together is essential for building good relations, and can be incredibly rewarding. There are so many kinds of intercultural activities – from dialogue events, to arts festivals, from interfaith campaigns to volunteering projects. But the best interfaith and intercultural partnerships take a lot of thought and preparation. How can we make our intercultural events and projects as attractive, engaging and inclusive as possible?

Using 3FF’s 15 years of experience, we help community organisers and groups learn:

  • The aims of different interfaith/intercultural activities
  • How do we create and maintain “safe space” for discussion & dialogue
  • Methods, activities and tips for creating meaningful intercultural interaction
  • Ensuring events respect different religious needs e.g. food laws, prayer times
  • How to get communities involved and invested
  • Models for discussing sensitive and controversial issues
  • The importance of reflection – noting how intercultural experiences change & challenge participants

“The methodology used by 3FF was very helpful – the dynamics, the activities, and presentations made for inspiring training” - Community worker

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