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Case studies

3FF Training has transformed the way many organisations deal with issues of faith, belief and diversity. We work closely with organisations to deliver training that gives their staff the specific skills they need. Below are some in-depth examples of the positive changes our clients have seen.

Camden Council

3FF worked closely with Camden Council to develop a bespoke half-day training for 80 staff on dealing with issues of faith and belief. 95% of participants reported that they felt better able to communicate with people from different faith backgrounds after the training. Read the full case study.

De Montfort University Student Union

3FF worked with De Montfort University Student Union (DSU) to develop a full-day training to help them handle issues of faith and belief on campus. Participants reported that they were much better equipped to facilitate interfaith conversations and deal with difficult situations around belief and identity having been through the training. Read the full case study.

Near Neighbours

3FF worked with community bridge-building organisation Near Neighbours to help their staff deal with challenging situations around faith and belief they come across in their work. 3FF’s training gave participants new skills to help ease tensions, improve quality of discourse and ensure better results within their community work. Read the full case study.

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