Interfaith & Intercultural Training

Why intercultural training?

In a diverse society, being able to communicate effectively with people of different backgrounds is of increasing importance. From classrooms to workplaces to local communities, there is a real need to make sense of diversity, and to be able to talk about it productively and meaningfully without offending. However, people often lack the confidence, skills and knowledge to approach these issues.

3FF's training programmes help people to build the intercultural awareness and communication skills they need to succeed, with a focus on practical results. Our programmes are based on over 15 years' experience addressing issues of faith and culture, including our UN Award-winning educational methods.

We train participants in tried and tested intercultural methods, including how to:

  • Feel confident to establish "safe spaces" for discussions and meetings with intercultural elements
  • Unlock the power of empathetic language for more effective communication
  • Learn basic facilitation for leading discussions, or sharpen your skills to get the best from difficult meetings
  • Create welcoming environments where those of all beliefs and cultures can thrive
  • Communicate the value of intercultural interaction to others

We provide basic(one-day) and extended (two-day) training programmes. All our training:

  • Is tailored to the needs of the organisation or group
  • Uses participative methods to engage and inspire
  • Provides ready-to-use tools and techniques
  • Is delivered by expert facilitators

“Culture At Work” – British Council

Recent research by Ipsos and the British Council shows that there is real value in investing in staff’s intercultural competency. Employees with these skills are seen to benefit organisations by bringing in new clients, working well within diverse teams and supporting good reputation for their organisation.

Interested in 3FF Training?

Contact us to find out more. Many of our sessions can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

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