reflecting after a linking event

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Reflection Session Facilitator Guides:

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Reflection Worksheets - Term 1:

• Primary
Prompt questions for primary worksheet
• Secondary

Reflection Worksheets - Term 2:

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On these sheets there are a variety of questions asking the students to express how they felt after each linking activity, to process their experiences and an opportunity to raise any concerns. Each child should take time to reflect on these questions and write down their answers.

It is then recommended to have 15 minutes of 'circle time' to give all the students the opportunity to talk about their experiences and express how they feel as linking will have a psychological effect on students – we need to give them time to talk so we know if it is having a positive or negative effect.

Other reflection activities


Each child must think of one word to describe their linking experience and calls them out loud one by one. Teacher then makes a class brainstorm of all the words

Disagreement Spectrum

Facilitator reads out various statements about the activities shared between the two schools on the first linking visit for example 'learning about Christmas was fun'. Children must decide what they think of this statement: whether they agree, disagree or are in the middle and situate themselves along the spectrum accordingly. At one end of the room will be agree, the other end will be disagree and students who are not sure can place themselves in between the spectrum. This is a good warm up activity to refresh the student's memories. Teachers can then ask the students why they are positioned there and ask them to share their thoughts and opinions with the rest of the class.

Trigger statements
(SLN Resource)

A way to encourage the students to reflect on the meeting in a fun way

Emotions Graph
(SLN Resource)

A good activity to try at the end of the linking process to help students reflect on how their attitude to the linking program has changed over the year

Blob trees
(SLN Resource)

Another fun way to encourage students to reflect on their feelings after a linking event

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