linking ice breaker games

Linking ice breaker games


Give the children approximately 20 seconds to get into groups of 4s and 5s, based on common factors like 'every who likes the same ice-cream' or 'everyone who goes to same cinema'.

Concentration Countdown

Split children into pairs. One member of the pair has to calmly got down from 100 to 0 without giggling, smiling, losing track of counting or turning around. The other member of the pair has to try and distract them. Have the pairs switch roles every time one of them loses or reaches 0.

Finding your partner

Split children into pairs. Have each pair agree on a sound/noise. Then blindfold and mix up the children. The children must try and find their partners by making their shared noise.


Split the children into pairs. Have them take turns to be the leader, who initiates a series of simple actions, and the mirror, who has to imitate them.

Trust Walks

Split the children into pairs and blindfold one member of each pair. The unblindfolded child must then guide their partner around the room (perhaps a few simple obstacles, e.g. chairs and boxes, could be placed on the floor first) using only verbal commands.

More coming soon!

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