Identity: who am i?

Name – Group Discussion

Time: 10 minutes +
Resources: A book of name meanings is useful but not needed.
Space: Works best when everyone sits in a circle.

Ask each student to share something about their name with the group. This could be focused on their first name, middle name, family name or a nick name, whichever they are most comfortable with sharing. They could say something about:

  • their name meaning
  • the historical or cultural origin of their name
  • why they were given that name and by who
  • other names they have been called /  were going to be given
  • a story about someone else who has the same name
  • if they were to change their name what would they want to be called

You could encourage students to find out more about their name as homework and share this in groups at the next lesson. This could be done through asking family members and also online research.

Appearance – Game

Time: 15 minutes +
Resources: None
Space: Works best when chairs and tables are pushed aside.

Tell students they must not talk for the next activity but must get into a line (or multiple lines) based on the following characteristics:

  • their height (short to tall)
  • their hair length (short to long) or hair colour (light to dark)
  • the size of their hand or feet (small to large)

Ask the students which of these attributes contribute to their sense of identity and how? Are there stereotypes associated with the way we look? Do we play up to these stereotypes or do we try to prove them wrong? Do people judge us on how we look?

Actions – Writing Exercise

Time: 10 minutes+
Resources: Pens & paper
Space: Works best with individual desks

Ask students to write down a list of the things they do. This could include hobbies and clubs they attend, places of worship they attend, the shops they buy from, the places they go for fun, charities or good causes they help, things they make, things they say or anything else which they do.

Do these things define who they are? Ask the students to circle the most important things they do.

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