Exchange of information: who am I & Who are we?

Who are we? - Group Identity Exchange

Time: 15 minutes+
Resources: Collection of things to exchange (see below for ideas)
Space: Works best with individual desks

Consider sending some collective information, this could be about your school community where you could share:

  • Pictures / videos of your school (class photo, pictures of rooms)
  • School information (logo, time table, rules, uniform)
  • A map of your school or video walk through
  •  “Day in the life” accounts from your students and teachers
  • objects representing things the whole class is interested in/likes etc
  • Artwork, music or artefacts with religious or cultural significance

Highlight what is different about your school such as prayer times Encourage students to take pride as they showcase their school but allow them to also talk about the negative aspects. If you have a very small playground include that as part of the exchange, the link students will appreciate the honesty and may be less intimidated by you.

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