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Intercultural and Interreligious Relations in Israeli Hospitals

The Israel branch of 3FF, the Three Faiths Forum, runs a ground-breaking project for improved intercultural relations between Muslims, Christians and Jews in Israel.

Over the past seven years we have worked with 200 participants annually in the humanities and healthcare improving understanding between different faiths and cultures. The core of the project provides compulsory intercultural training for medical and healthcare professionals.

We have worked in hospitals around Israel and leading healthcare institutions including Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv and Hadassah Hospital (Ein Karem and Mount Scopus). The aim of the project is to enhance intercultural communication between medical professionals, their patients and fellow staff members. Our educational methodology is based on the interreligious techniques and values of ‘Scriptural Reasoning’ and the Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme.

We have won the support of the Israeli Ministry of Health, and have partnered with the Tanenbaum Centre for Interreligious Understanding (New York) which is publishing a detailed report on the subject of religion and culture in Israeli hospitals. Through these efforts we have managed to build on the coexistence in hospitals by investing in the values that serve to enhance healthcare provision for all Israeli citizens.

Young People’s Programme

The Young People’s Programme brings University-age Jews, Christians and Muslims together for meaningful encounters based on the same Scriptural Reasoning methods as the Hospitals Programme.

New Models for Existing Groups

Through New Models for Existing Groups we enable those who already make the effort to come together to try out different models of interaction to enrich and enliven existing dialogue. Our partners for this programme are Interfaith Encounter Association and the Reut-Sadaqa Jerusalem Interfaith Group.

For further information please contact the director Dr. Miriam Feldmann Kaye via email +972 (0)52 707 5203

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For further information please contact the director Dr. Miriam Feldmann Kaye via email or on +972 (0)52 707 5203

"I have never done anything like the Three Faiths Forum seminar in twenty years of work and training. I can now think much more clearly about the situations I encounter, as well as train the medical interns to think differently about people of different cultural backgrounds." - Head Nurse

"It turns out that me and my colleagues experience challenging intercultural situations every single day at the hospital. Yet until now we have had no training in how to learn more about who these people are, what is important to them, and how to respond to them. This series of workshops has changed the way the staff deal with the issues that arise daily with our patients" - Head Nurse

"It was amazing to take the time out to study texts of peoples of different religions. In my work, you need to know how to get to the root of a health problem. Yet so many times, that issue is directly linked to the patients’ religion and customs… I had never discussed these issues with my colleagues before and I will refer to this whilst working with my team – which includes medics, psychologists and other social workers." - Senior faculty social worker

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