School Linking

Programme overview

School Linking gives students of different faiths, beliefs and cultures opportunities to meet and learn from each other. The programme encourages pupils to feel confident and curious as they meet people from different backgrounds. By providing meaningful encounters for both students and staff, linking increases recognition and respect for different beliefs and cultures.

Linking has been proven to help schools to reach the ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted criteria for RE. (OFSTED Religious Education Survey, April 2014)

Key details of the programme

  • The programme looks to match students from different cultural or faith backgrounds to explore issues of identity, community and belief.
  • A lead teacher from each partner school will meet with their classes for three Link days in the academic year.
  • The Link days are centred around students improving their communication skills; to articulate their own identity and viewpoint as well as to empathise with other points of view. In this way the programme helps the schools with their SMSC and British Values provision, fostering an understanding and respect for difference.
  • The programme requires that lead Link teachers attend 3 CPD training days.
  • At the CPD days teachers will receive training, resources and support in planning for 3 Link days with their partner schools. They will also be able to plan for their Link days with their partner teacher.
  • The first Link day takes place in a neutral venue, then the next two take place at either school.
  • The training is free and some funding is made available for travel and venue hire.

Core and Experienced Linking

The Linking teacher groups are split into ‘Core’ and ‘Experienced’:

Core Linking

One-year development programme for teachers to develop interfaith and intercultural facilitation skills through meeting and building a lasting partnership with another school. The Core Linking programme provides new Link teachers with best-practice training in creating a self-sustaining and meaningful Link with their partner school. New Link teachers will also receive resources for Linking and have time to plan with their Link teachers at the CPD’s.

CPD 1, CPD2 & CPD3 = 3 full days of training

Experienced Linking

For graduates of the Core Linking Programme. Review and expand on interfaith skills, exploring how to take Linking further through creative projects and involving the wider school. Continue to receive all resources, build relationships and plan with partners on at CPD’s.

CPD1 = 1 full day training

CPD2 & CPD3 = 2 half days of training

Find out more and apply

3FF are looking for schools in London and Birmingham who are looking to link and are able to commit to a year-long programme that includes three CPD days and three Link days. To find out more, please contact Clare. For Linking in Birmingham and the Midlands, please contact Rich.

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"I feel that the project has been very successful in achieving its aim of breaking down prejudice and increasing the children’s awareness of the diverse society in which we live. I hope the pupils will share the lessons learned through this experience with the other children from the school as well as with family and friends. The schools are already planning to develop more school links next year."

Lead Teacher, Sikh Primary School

"3FF training provides an excellent range of practical and relevant ideas and resources with supportive and helpful staff."

Primary Linking teacher

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