Faith School Linking

Programme overview

Faith School Linking gives students of different faiths, beliefs and cultures opportunities to meet and learn from each other. The programme encourages pupils to feel confident and curious as they meet people from different backgrounds. By providing meaningful encounters for both students and staff, linking increases recognition and respect for different beliefs and cultures.

  • 100% of teachers agreed that school linking helped students to build positive attitudes to people who are different to themselves
  • 100% of teachers agreed that being on the linking programme improved their own understanding of different communities and beliefs

Linking has been proven to help schools to reach the ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted criteria for RE. (OFSTED Religious Education Survey, April 2014))

Core Linking and Alumni Linking

Faith School Linking is composed of two unique pathways:

  1. Core Linking is a one-year development opportunity for Primary and Secondary school teachers with a keen interest in developing interfaith skills for exploring diversity through meeting and building a lasting partnership with another Faith School. Core Linking provides teachers with best-practice training in creating a self-sustaining and meaningful school linking programme.

    Successful completion of a Core Linking year will enable teachers to graduate and progress to the Alumni Programme.

  2. Alumni Linking is exclusively available to graduates of Core Linking. Building on previous experience teachers will continue their membership of a growing linking teacher’s community. They will receive advanced CPD and be introduced to new creative methods for Linking. Teachers are offered the opportunity to take Linking further, connected to exciting partners (in the arts, sports and social action, and more). Alumni Linking also provides ongoing support and consultancy to teachers as they become expert interfaith ambassadors within their schools, and communities.

We actively support embedding Linking as a whole-school approach.

Deeper & more meaningful encounters

3FF has 18 years’ experience of facilitating deep and meaningful encounters for young people. Over the course of an academic year Link teachers will co-deliver 3 ‘link days’ and receive 3 CPD training days (one of each per term).  The first meeting (or ‘link day’) between students takes place at a neutral venue to ensure all students feel comfortable and at ease. Together with a teacher from the other school (their ‘link partner’), and with support from 3FF, teachers plan and deliver a day of engaging activities that explore issues around belief and identity. The subsequent link days take place at schools, giving the students a chance to both host and visit.

Link Days are themed around the following three key questions, which explore identity, diversity, belonging and social connections on three difference levels:

  • Link 1: Who Am I? – Exploring ideas of identity.
  • Link 2: Who are We? – Exploring ideas of community and belonging.
  • Link 3: Where do we live? – Exploring connections to wider society and ideas around diverse citizenship.

There are opportunities to collaborate with creative partners enabling students to further build on their friendships and take part in activities exploring ideas of diversity and community through new lenses. Some examples of link days have included:

Continued Professional Development

Teachers on the Linking programme attend three annual CPD days where they receive guidance and support from 3FF and other experts in the interfaith field. During these sessions teachers build relationships with teachers from their link school; plan engaging activities with access to our extensive linking resources and develop their SMSC provision in their own schools.

Overview of the Linking year

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Find out more and apply

3FF are looking for schools in London and Birmingham who are looking to link and are able to commit to a year-long programme that includes three CPD days and three Link days. To find out more, please contact Clare. For Linking in Birmingham and the Midlands, please contact Rich.

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"I feel that the project has been very successful in achieving its aim of breaking down prejudice and increasing the children’s awareness of the diverse society in which we live. I hope the pupils will share the lessons learned through this experience with the other children from the school as well as with family and friends. The schools are already planning to develop more school links next year."

Lead Teacher, Sikh Primary School

"3FF training provides an excellent range of practical and relevant ideas and resources with supportive and helpful staff."

Primary Linking teacher

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