sidebar_159The Three Faiths Forum recently joined more than 400 ministers, politicians, NGO leaders, academics and youth in Azerbaijan for a global conference on building bridges between cultures.

The two-day World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue explored how to use intercultural dialogue to achieve peace and development. Hosted by the Azerbaijani government and supported by UNESCO, the UN Alliance of Civilizations, Council of Europe and ISESCO (Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), the conference also laid the foundation for the very first convention of the Global Youth Movement of the UN Alliance of Civilisations.

Established in 2005, the Alliance of Civilisations aims to develop a practical plan of action to address the roots of polarisation between societies and cultures. The Global Youth Movement also adopted a new charter at the conference. 3FF played a key role in facilitating the drafting process.

sidebar_1603FF co-founder Dr Marcus Braybrooke addressed the audience at the World Forum as a panellist. He spoke extensively about 3FF’s initiatives, including the Undergraduate ParliaMentors programme and Women ARTogether. He stressed the need for those of different faiths – and non-religious beliefs – to work together on developmental activities.

“After the London bombings I found it very moving to be invited to a synagogue and then a mosque where representatives of all religions prayed for the bereaved and the injured and insisted that all religions preach peace, not hatred,” Dr Braybrooke told the conference. “There is still a need to move beyond the exclusiveness which characterises many religions.”