‘Made in Wales’: an Exhibition at the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff, by one of the trios on Undergraduate ParliaMentors 2012-13: Mohanvir (Sikh), Lalrin (Christian), Wipula (Secular Buddhist)

467840_10151373881494175_1928682312_oOn 11th February 2013 the photography exhibition ‘Made in Wales’ opened at the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff. The launch event drew visitors from all walks of Welsh life, including a Paralympic medalist and an international rugby player as well as teachers, students and Assembly Members from across the political spectrum. In some ways the visitors reflected the aims of the exhibition, which sought to show the diversity of the human experience in Wales.

The exhibition was created by us – three students from Cardiff University – as part of 3FF’s UN award-winning 3FF programme Undergraduate ParliaMentors to shed light on the issue of Welsh identity.

460275_10151373694024175_1745392770_o_2Seeking to address the question ‘who is Welsh and what makes one Welsh?’ our trio wanted to initiate this discussion with an exhibition. We wanted it to not only reflect the diversity in Wales but also break down stereotypes and depict the success of people from many different backgrounds who find their own place in Welsh life. We interviewed and photographed each participant to create a real picture of his or her Welsh experience, adding a personal aspect to the exhibition.

Our experience as a team was incredible; proof of the profound impact this programme has on young people. We came face to face with real politics and learned how it works. Our skills and confidence were enhanced significantly and we learned to use those skills in a successful team effort.

705072_10151373694364175_541236074_oAs individuals we grew in our personal skill sets as we worked to short deadlines under immense pressure to organize, communicate and execute our project. Getting our exhibition to the Welsh Assembly was a thought we initially laughed at, but when we actually researched and gathered political support for our campaign we really pushed to get it to this building which in many ways represents modern Wales.

We feel immensely proud to be part of the ParliaMentors programme, of our photographers Shermin T and Alex Cheah, and of the great exposure we achieved for our campaign. We would like to say a big thanks to 3FF for all their support in making this happen!

We are now looking for new students for Undergraduate ParliaMentors 2013-14

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