The last graduating cohort of 3FF interns

The last graduating cohort of 3FF interns

As one story ends, another one begins.

One group of interns, bonded by shared experiences, sadly says goodbye to some of the friendliest staff members in London, who have helped them learn a range of practical skills which they can take into the future.

Simultaneously, a new group of passionate individuals are welcomed by inspired outgoing interns and supportive staff members, who begin to tailor an individual internship programme for each intern based on their ambitions and desires.

Welcome to 3FF.

3FF’s internship programme offers real, hands on experience in the charity sector, enabling interns to practically apply their ever increasing skills in collaboration with staff and fellow interns. Interns can become involved in multiple areas of the organisation if they wish, giving them a valuable breadth of interfaith experience and transferrable skills.

SAM_0502Lana, who interned with the Comms team, commented on her favourite aspects of her internship:

The environment is very inclusive, which creates a safe space to ask questions and gain new insights. I have been able to attend lots of interesting events and had a broad spectrum of interfaith work experiences. I got to use some new software to create graphics to engage with the public, and tried to broaden 3FF’s audience.”

SAM_0506Megan, one of the interns on the Mentoring team, had this to say about her experience:

I’ve gained skills that I can put on my CV, especially in terms of social media, Comms, and in terms of teamwork and event planning. I’ve managed to really get stuck in, helping organise the Interfaith Summit, doing workshops with ParliaMentors, and more recently helping out with 3FF’s LGBT event.”

SAM_0492Saba, the Volunteering intern, highlighted the benefits of being able to attend interfaith events during her internship:

“We’ve gone to a lot of interfaith events – myself and the other interns – and they’ve all been so interesting and eye-opening. I feel like my experience wouldn’t have been as enjoyable as I feel it has been if I hadn’t done those, because I met so many diverse people that really transformed my outlook.

Ellen WB PhotoEllen, the Education and Schools intern, reflected on her favourite aspect of her time at 3FF:

“That’s one thing that I’ve definitely appreciated being at 3FF, is that we’re given not only responsibility and we’re trusted, but there’s also the fact that the kind of tasks we’re given aren’t just standard intern tasks. We’re not just photocopying or making tea. We’re given tasks that actually contribute to the overall projects and programmes at 3FF, so you actually feel like a valued member of the team.”

With such a diverse group of interns from all walks of life taking on such a variety of roles, each intern learns a great deal from each other throughout the process, with a strong peer network developing over time. The flexibility of the internship means interns can even jump onto different roles when something in particular takes their interest.

As one story ends, another one begins.

Which chapter will you write?

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