sidebar_170Sixth form students from a wide range of different faith and cultural backgrounds got together to discuss Britain’s economy today at a one-day conference at Pax Lodge, Hampstead. The students from five Muslim, Christian and Jewish schools were united not just by their interest in current affairs, but by the fact that they are all taking part in 3FF’s and Pears Foundation’s Shared Futures school linking programme.

The conference, entitled ‘Collective and Individual Financial Responsibility’, gave the participants plenty of opportunities to present their opinions and discuss economic matters together with students from other schools.

Shaima said:

“I have been talking to people from the other schools, getting to know a bit about them and what they thought about today’s topic. After the conference I’d like to keep in contact with some of the other people from different faiths and backgrounds. Who knows, maybe in the future we’ll be leading our own ‘Three Faiths Forum’ and be ambassadors of our faiths.”

sidebar_169Farhana, a teacher at the same school, said about the day:

“Our school is a Muslim faith school, and students don’t get that many chances to speak to people from other backgrounds during the school term, so this is a brilliant experience, and they’re learning a lot from each other. “

Ben, from a Jewish school, reflected on his experience:

“It’s been really good that we’ve had an opportunity to speak to people of other faiths, who we wouldn’t normally come into contact with very often, about issues that affect all our lives.”