We are incredibly proud and excited to be launching the manifesto of our pioneering group of Amplifiers from Westminster Academy.

At a time where identities, faiths and beliefs are becoming increasingly politicised, this group came together and combined creative forces to challenge divisive narratives and amplify their vision for a better world.

This is their Manifesto.


Information for Schools:

Amplify is an arts-based youth-led programme for Sixth Forms and Further Education colleges, which creates and strengthen safe spaces within educational institutions for exploring issues relating to faith, belief, identity, belonging, social trends and community in a rapidly interconnected and globalised world.

‘Something I’ll take-away from Amplify is the interest in what’s happening in the world. These sessions made me realise how much is going on around us and that we should get involved because this world is concerning us and it will get better when we start considering that and taking care of what’s happening.’ (Karolina)

‘Everything was coming to life in [making the Manifesto]. Being able to express it and not just talk it was a key highlight’. (Eman)