During his recent visit to Britain, Pope Benedict XVI commented on the need for intercultural interaction and dialogue in Britain.

“During my time with you, I have been able to meet representatives of the many communities, cultures, languages and religions that make up British society. The very diversity of modern Britain is a challenge to its government and people, but it also represents a great opportunity to further intercultural and interreligious dialogue for the enrichment of the entire community,” he told a small audience of dignitaries including Prime Minister David Cameron.

“As Britain is home to so many religious traditions I was grateful to have the opportunity to meet their representatives and to share some thoughts with them about the contribution that the religions can offer to the development of a healthy, pluralistic society.”

In this, the Pope acknowledged that greater understanding and cooperation between faiths and cultures is needed not only between political and religious leaders, but at all levels of society. We hope his comments will inspire more people from all religious and cultural backgrounds to engage with each other.