We are very excited to be launching Interfaith Voices, a new platform for people to make their voices heard on different topics.

Interfaith Voices is where we will be sharing your stories, ideas and opinions – and it could be anything from a blog post, a short reflection on recent event, or perhaps a video of yourself sharing your perspective. Interfaith Voices is open to everyone in the 3FF community – whether you’re a participant on our programmes, a volunteer, or just someone who is interested in interfaith relations – we want to hear your voice!

Every month, we will pose a different question to you, and we would love to hear your thoughts and feelings. With a general election coming up, this month, the topic is:


  • How well do you feel issues of faith and belief are being dealt with in politics at the moment?
  • How does the current political climate affect your belief or faith?
  • What can we do to handle issues of faith, belief and identity more positively in our political discourse in the future?

Send your views our way, and every month we’ll select a few to be published on our blog and in our newsletter.

Please email your content to comms@3ff.org.uk, with the subject Interfaith Voices.

We can’t wait to hear from you!