Collaborations 2013

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The 2013 Urban Dialogues collaborations were:

Walls Have Two Sides

David Borrington and Aithan Shapira with Dr Aaron Rosen

Project brief: Shapira and Borrington met at the Royal College of Art in 2006 - both's work and lives are informed by edges, boundaries, and their practice in seeing multiple perspectives. This project will explore the concept that we build walls to separate differences rather than breaking them down to solve conflicts. The artists will construct two walls, producing artwork on opposite sides.

David Borrington produces artwork in direct response to current social and world affairs that aims to support the growth of true democracy. “My work is strongly satirical and it is through the process of drawing that I am able to express my opinions about the world. I try to portray this in the most honest way, which is the only way I know how”. More on David's work.

Aithan Shapira “First-generation American: mother escaped from Baghdad, father rooted ten generations in Jerusalem; Alumnus of the Royal College of Art; Drew and lived with Aboriginal Australians over three years. Aithan Shapira is a product of survival, preservation, and simultaneous, multiple-perspectives.” Aithan’s work has recently been exhibited in a number of major museums and galleries, including the Royal Academy and he recently gave a TED Talk on multiple perspectives. More on Aithan's work.

The Fury Jukebox

Zena Edwards, Rasheeda Nalumoso, Cherrelle Skeete and Kate Pearson with Dr Althea Legal-Miller.

Three female artists desire to create an arts installation piece reflecting on women and girls anger, influenced by their respective art forms of Poetry, Live literature, the influence of movement, images, photography and the arts craft of 'Binding’.

The group installation piece - The Fury Jukebox - will be a vehicle to share and discuss stories about Anger, perceptions of anger, transformative solutions to anger through reflecting on diverse stories where people have experiences anger.

For more information on the project and to follow its development you can follow their blog posts, or find them on Tumblr.


The 2013 commissioned collaborations selection panel consisted of:

  • Andrew Gwilliams - Whitecube
  • Atira Winchester - JW3
  • Radical Middle Way
  • Aaron Rosen - King's Cultural Institute
  • Althea Legal-Miller - King's Cultural Institute
  • Matthew Van Duyvenbode - Bible Society
  • Michael Regan - Indigo Rooms, Lightbox
  • Alice Sielle - Artist


To find out more about Urban Dialogues and the process of creating the collaborations, click the interactive map below. This was produced in partnership with the Kings Cultural Institute.

To see examples of previous years commissions and the work that they have produced you can go to the Urban Dialogues Tumblr.

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